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Project Description
Silverlight fractal painter

This small fractal painter was made as contribution to MIX 10K challenge. It supports 13 fractal types.

agfractal overview

If you use the drag (hand) tool press Ctrl to move only vertical, press Shift to move only horizontal. Simple click on fractal to zoom out (press shift to zoom 4x), press ctrl to zoom in. You can also use the mouse wheel.

Click on Parameter button and set the parameter as you wish.

You can comfortable select a new fractal.
new fractal

In the gradient editor you can very simple adjust the gradient.
gradient editor
Pull down the slider to remove the gradient stop.

Aditionally you can save and reload your fractal settings and export your fractal image into jpeg.

Latest version is always posted to my site

See the full changelog, give feedback and join to the project.

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